Courtesy Recording

For many years Stevens County Title Company has recorded documents not related to a title file without charging a processing fee.

Often these are simple transactions, but many times the documents require much of our Recorder’s time to process.

Beginning January 1, 2017, Stevens County Title Company will require both an agreement and a fee before we will process non-title related documents.

Please use the form on the right for any document you want us to process for you.

Any document you want to process yourself should be mailed to Stevens County. Based on the type of recording, the documents should be sent to the appropriate department, and the documents will then be sent to the next appropriate department for you. Please do not separate recording packages.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

If not applicable go to #2If not applicable go to #3
Deeds or transfer documents (& any related documents) when the property is in a special tax classificationDeeds or transfer documents (& any related documents & easements) when the property is NOT in a special tax classificationMortgages, Deeds of Trust & other stand-alone documents without a transfer of ownership
Stevens County Assessor
215 S. Oak Street Room #101
Colville WA 99114
Stevens County Treasurer
215 S. Oak Street Room #103
Colville WA 99114
Stevens County Auditor
215 S. Oak Street Room #106
Colville WA 99114

To record documents, the Auditor’s Office requires that documents have the following margins:

  • Front page                          3” at the top and 1” for all other margins
  • All other pages                  1” for all margins

The front page of all documents must have the following information:

Return mailing address; Name of Document; Reference number of documents being assigned or released; Grantor(s); Grantee(s) including Trustee and Lender if a Deed of Trust; Legal Description (may be abbreviated, and if so, need to include the page number of the full legal description); Tax Parcel number(s)

If all the above information is not on page 1, a cover page will be required.  A cover page is provided to the right under “Resources”

The cost of recording is $103.50 for the first page of most documents and $104.50 for the first page of a Deed of Trust. Each additional page is $1. For further information on recording fees, please contact the Stevens County Auditor – Recording at 509-684-7512.

Excise Tax is due at the time of any transfer of ownership. The Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit form is available at the Stevens County Treasurer’s home page under “Dept of Revenue Excise Forms”. The amount due on a non-exempt sale is 1.53% of the sales price, plus $5. There are some exemptions from the tax, but those exemptions still require the form and a $10 processing fee.

Easements require excise tax if being purchased, otherwise they require a clearance stamp from the Treasurer’s Office.

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